Last Modified: 18 August 2019

Manufacturers and distributors of Embedded Tools begin with C

Catalyst Enterprises
Manufactures advanced data bus analysers with bus exerciser and automated compliance testing capabilities.
Communication and Technology Systems
Specialized in the real time designs with the fastest time-to-market development.
Computer Solutions
Sells Europe's widest range of embedded microprocessor development tools.
Crossware Products
Crossware Tools for Embedded Development.
Cygnus Support
Cygnus Business Media is an internationally-recognized business-to-business media company. Its diverse portfolio serves market categories with print and interactive products, and live events.

Manufacturers and distributors of Embedded Tool begin with D

Dunfield Development Systems
Is a very SMALL company. Technical support is provided by Dunfield and the author of all of the software products.

Manufacturers and distributors of Embedded Tools begins with E

embedded, rtos, dsp, fpga, compactpci, and more
is a community portal indexing net resources, free software, papers, books, hardware, software, and services of value to the embedded, dsp, board-level (compactpci, pc/104, pci...) system-on-chip, and realtime (rtos) community. filters out the noise, yet openly links to all meritorious magazines, web portals, and search engines.
Embedded Systems Programming, the on-line resource for embedded systems developers. This is the place to come for tutorials, code, demo's, and news, along with information about Embedded Systems Programming Magazine and the Embedded Systems Conferences.
Embedded Logic Systems
Offers products for Linux and small embedded systems.
Embedded Power Corporation
Maker of RTXC, a royalty-free real-time pre-emptive multitasking kernel that enables embedded systems to be developed.
Emulation Technology, Inc.
Emulator Tools-ET's emulator pods and adapters allow designers to convert existing emulator pods from their current chip/package to a new chip/package or replace an obsolete emulator pod.
Our purpose of Investor Relations is to keep the capital markets continuously informed about Enea's market, operations and development.
Europe Technologies
ARM-based Embedded System specialist. AT91 One Stop Shop.
Eurosys Software GmbH
offer services in the area of software development, testing and documentation. Our experience is in Software Engineering for technical applications and systems. We have a wide range of experience including mobile devices, avionics, radio, satellites, telephones, cars, ships and industrial control systems.
Express Logic, Inc.
Express Logic supports: x86, 68k, PPC, i960, ARM, C3x/C4x, 68HC11/16, Coldfire, MIPS, H8/SHx, TMS320C6x, SHARC and many more!