Last Modified: 18 August 2019

Manufacturers and distributors of Embedded Tools begin with 1

1st Electronics International
is a distributor of electronic board level components, semiconductors, capacitors, electronic circuits, connectors, flash memory, resistors, diodes and switches.

Manufacturers and distributors of Embedded Tools begin with A

Actum Solutions
Realizer, the CASE tool for real-world applications. Put a diagram into your micro-controller!
Applied Microsystems Corporation
Applied Microsystems leads the market in providing a broad range of development tools for engineers who design, debug and test embedded systems.
American Arium
PCI bus analyser, PCI bus simulation models, closely allied with Intel, does analyser work for new Intel processors (e.g. P6). Emulators: Pentium processor and P6
Ansoft Corporation
Offers EDA software used in high performance component, circuit, and system design.
Ashling Microprocessor Development Systems
Makes Emulators, Source Debuggers, Software Quality Assurance tools and Smart Card systems for Embedded Microprocessor developers.
Ask Me Help Desk
For all kinds of technical help send a question in Ask Me Help Desk.
Accelerated Technology, Inc.
Accelerated Technology Inc. is an engineering concern for a reasonable price.
Avocet Systems
Source for in-circuit emulators, BDM solutions, C compilers, assemblers, and simulators to RTOS solution

Manufacturers and distributors of Embedded Tools begin with B

Black Feather Electronics
Low cost 6811 development boards.
Blue Earth Research
Designs and manufactures the Micro-440e, Micro-485 and Xplor PDC series of programmable controllers for embedded control, automation and data-logging applications.
Bluewater Systems
Specialized in developing and optimising software for ARM microprocessors.
Byte Craft Limited
Develops and sells optimising C compilers for low end embedded systems: Microchip PIC's, PIC16/17Cxx; Mitsubishi MELPS 740, 7600; Motorola 68HC05, 6805, 68HC08; National Cop8; Sony 700's; WDC 6502; Zilog Z8; Emulator source-level support for 68HC05; Fuzz-C pre-processor for fuzzy logic.