Last Modified: 18 August 2019

Manufacturers and distributors of Embedded Tools begin with Q

Quantum Composers
Quantum is an internationally recognized pioneer in the Test and Measurement market place with the design and development of a precision pulse generator instrument line offering unrivaled features and flexibility.
QNX Software Systems, Ltd.
QNX Software Systems is the leading provider of superior realtime operating system (RTOS) software, development tools, and services for embedded design. For more than 25 years, we've been serving the complex needs of the embedded market - with millions of installations worldwide - in mission-critical and life-critical environments.

Manufacturers and distributors of Embedded Tools begin with R

Raisonance SA
Makes hardware and software development tools for 8051, XA, ST6 and smart cards. Includes multiprocessor simulation and peripheral development kit.
RamTex (Engineering/International) ApS
RamTex Engineering ApS is a Research and Design company which provides software programming support and design of embedded processor system solutions in accordance with customer specifications.
RamText International ApS is a supplier of development tools and libraries for embedded processor programming in C and C++. If you are looking for new and more productive development tools and methods for embedded applications you have come to the right place.
RF Science & Technology
Superior Electronics Value and reliability at affordable prices: for the hobbyist, electronic technician and manufacturer and after market installation companies.
Rigel Corporation
80c166 evaluation board and debugger
RistanCASE GmbH
Our Product &qout;Development Assistant for C&quout; supports directly the Keil C51, IAR 8051 and HIWARE 8051 compilers and has few very useful functions: Editor with structured and non structured Flow Chart, Browser, Lint, Call and Type Hierarchy Graph, Software Metrics, Make file generator, Version Control Systems and Debugger interface, Tools integration, Project management.
Rocket Software
Rocket Software is a leading global developer of software products that help corporations, government agencies and other organizations reach their technology and business goals.

Manufacturers and distributors of Embedded Tools begin with S

Software Development Systems
Is one of the world's leading suppliers of high quality, real-time development tools for the embedded marketplace.
Scientific Educational Systems
The company designs, produces and sells educational equipment for teaching microprocessors, electronics and technology.
Signalogic, Inc.
Specialize in DSP software and hardware development products and production DSP-based hardware solutions.
Sells PCI adapters, developer's kits and a portable software platform for IEEE 1394 applications called Serial Soft. Skipstone bought by Adaptec in 1996 or 1997
Emulators for the 188/186, 386EX, Z180/Z80, V-series, 8088/8086, 8085, 68000, TLCS-90 and NSC800 processors. Softiad bought by Avocet?
SPJ Systems
Have some software products, which are especially useful to a firmware engineers or anyone working on embedded systems.
Professional services
SystemSoft Corp
SystemSoft is primarily involved in the provision of solution products and solution services, including the provision of system consultation services; the designing, development, maintenance and operation of systems; the development and sale of solution products; the creation of contents, as well as the provision of educational support services.
Systronix, Inc
Complete Systems for Rapid Proto-typing.