Last Modified: 18 August 2019

Manufacturers and distributors of Integrated Circuits begin with A

AB Semicon Ltd.
PCI to Local Bus Interfaces, Static and Dual Ported Memories, RISC Based Micro-controllers, Network MAC and Physical layer, Custom silicon from 800 to 100k gates
Acard Technology
Rapidly growing technology company, outstanding for the high-quality complete IDE and SCSI solution.
Actel Corporation
Actel designs, develops and markets Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPG's) and Mask Programmed Gate Arrays (MPGA's) and associated software development systems and programming hardware.
Acumen Instruments Corporation [tm]
Is a leader in embedded storage and connectivity solutions.
SCSI chips
Adaptive Networks
Power line networking chips are AN1000, AN192 and AN48
A-DATA Technology Co., Ltd.
Production capacity is at 700k per month for 128M module and 5m pcs per month for DRAM Chip.
Audio Digital Imaging Inc.
Specializes in the design and development of digital video and audio compression multimedia components.
Advanced Linear Devices, Inc. (ALD)
Advanced Linear Devices, Inc. (ALD) develops and manufactures precision CMOS analog integrated circuits for OEMs of industrial controls, computers, peripherals, medical instrumentation, automotive, and telecom.
Networking chips (Ethernet)
Advanced Analogic Technologies, Inc.
Design and produce IC's for switch-mode power supplies, battery switches and load switches in notebook computers and other portable equipment.
Is taken over by Skyworks
Advanced Communication Devices
Networking chips (Ethernet)
Advanced Hall Sensors Ltd
Is a manufacturer and design house of Hall effect chips.
Advanced Hardware Architectures, Inc.
Data controllers, data compression chips, error correction chips
Advanced Micro Systems
Motor controllers
Advanced Rendering Technology
Graphics processors
Advanced Telecommunications Modules
ATM networking chips
Aeroflex, Inc.
Manufacturers integrated circuits, hybrids and MCM's for mil-std-1553 data bus, mil-std-1369, arinc 629, arinc 429 mil-std-1760,mil-ethernet devices, voltage regulators and power and motor drive hybrids.
Aeroflex UTMC
Is a supplier of integrated circuits and circuit card assemblies for the aerospace and defense industry.
Ethernet switch IC's and other telecommunications and networking chips.
Agilent Technologies
Operates four businesses: test and measurement, semiconductor products, healthcare solutions and chemical analysis, supported by a central laboratory.
Aimtron Technology Inc.
Power management, data converters, signal processing IC's, serial communication.
Video convert chips
Ajile Systems
Java processors
Akita Electronics Co., Ltd.
Is taken over by Hitachi kokusai Electric.
AKM Semiconductor Inc.
ADC, CoDec, DAC, data converter, image processing chip, ISDN, networking chip, portable/cellular phone chip, serial EEPROM
Alantro Communications
Is taken over by Texas Instruments
Alcatel Microelectronics N.V.
Is widely recognized as an innovator and technology expert in the integration of hardware/software systems on semiconductors.
Focussed on microprocessor design.
Alcom electronics B.V.
Has specialised in the distribution of high-tech electronic components
Alcor Micro
USB chips
Alesis Semiconductor
Chip manufacturer, ADC, DAC, ADAT optical interface chips
Acer Laboratories Inc.
They make chipsets like M1217, M1219, M1429 PC system chipsets, PC controller chips
Allayer Technologies
Ethernet and fibre optic networking chips
Alliance Semiconductor
DRAM, flash, graphics accelerators, SRAM
Advanced Logic Machines
Design ASIC's.
Alpine Microsystems
Make a kind of multi-chip modules they call complex IC's, where two or more standard or custom ICs are interconnected together using a semiconductor metalisation process to create a single IC.
Altera Corporation
Products serve a broad range of market areas including telecommunications and data communications, as well as computers and industrial applications.
Altima Communications
Networking chips (Ethernet)
Ambient Technologies
A division of Intel. Modem chips (ADSL, V.90)
Applied Micro Circuits Corporation
ATM networking chips, clock drivers, FC networking chips, gate arrays, HIPPI networking chips, PC peripheral chips, PCI controllers, SONET networking chips, telecom chips
Advanced Micro Devices Inc.
Data controllers, EPROM, flash, gate arrays (PLD), micro-controllers, micro-processors, networking chips, wireless chips
American Megatrends International
Make BIOS's
AMIC Technology Inc.
SRAM, DRAM, OTP ROM, Mask RAM, ASIC memory to non-volatile memory products.
American Microsystems, Inc.
ASIC, mask programmable system devices (MPSD), ROM, telecom chip
Is intended for a variety of consumer and E-commerce applications such as Advanced Set Top Box (ASTB), Internet Set Top Box, Digital TV (DTV), DVD, and Video on Demand (VOD).
PC system chips, PCMCIA chips
Amplifonix, Inc.
Amplifiers, Detectors, Digital attenuators, Limiting amplifiers, Switches, VCO's, Voltage variable attenuators and linearisers
Austria Mikro Systeme International AG
Has specialized in developing and producing application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC's) and application-specific standard products (ASSP's) and is one of Europe's market leaders in mixed analog/digital ASIC's.
Advanced Monolithic Systems, Inc.
Power management/analogue IC's including voltage regulators, LDO's, voltage references, operational amplifiers, charge pumps used in PC's, power supplies, cellular phones, pagers, USB, graphic cards, etc.
Anadigics Inc.
CATV chips, fibre optic chips, GaAs power chips, networking chips, wireless chips
Analog Devices
Analog switches, data converters, DSP chips, op-amps, power chips, sensors, etc.
Analog Integrations Corporation
Analog Integrations Corporation (AIC) is an IC fabless company exclusively devoted to designing, testing, and marketing analog integrated circuits.
Andigilog is developing standard products for the growing temperature sensor and portable telecommunications markets.
Argonaut RISC Cores
Provides the world's first 32-bit microprocessor that is user-configurable, process-independent, and can quickly and easily be personalized for a customer's specific applications.
Arcobel Graphics
Video processors
Arizona Microtek
ASIC's, ECL line drivers, ECL logic chips, (old Motorola series)
ARK Logic
Integrated 2D and 3D graphics/video accelerators for PC
Ark Microelectronics (Shenzhen) Ltd.
Dual Port SRAMs (ARK7C005, 7C006, 7C007, fully compatible with IDT and Cypress's Products), MCU and RISC CPU cores.
ARM Ltd.
ARM's microprocessor cores are rapidly becoming the volume RISC standard in such markets as portable communications, handheld computing, multimedia digital consumer and embedded solutions.
Solid-state relays
Array Microsystems, Inc.
Offers a complete line of PCI Plug-n-Play MPEG encoding boards.
ASICOM Technologies Ltd.
Main business is designing and selling ASIC components according to customer's specifications at large quantities.
Asiliant Technologies
Are offering the industry standard Flat Panel/CRT controller family that has become so popular in the embedded marketplace.
Aspex Technology, Ltd.
Provider of high performance single chip DSP's.
Astec Semiconductor
Astec Components is a broadline electronic component Sales Representative firm headquartered in Oakville, Ontario.
ATM networking chips
Atheros Communications Inc.
Developed a special set of chips to help remove the roadblock of relatively slow speed and high cost of wireless networking for distances of about 100 feet.
ATI Technologies, Inc.
Make video cards but also sell chips to other OEM's.
Atmel Corp
CPLD gate arrays, data converters, EEPROM, EPROM, flash, FPGA gate arrays, micro-controllers, serial EEPROM's, (Temic IC's)
Auctor Corporation
Manufacturer of low-power logic (LPL) controller chips for computer, communication and consumer applications.
Designs, develops and markets enabling technologies and products for voice over packet networks.
A/D converters, D/A converters, DSP cores
Is taken over by Cirrus
Audio Processing Technology
Audio chips, CODEC's
Advanced Micro Electronics Co., Ltd.
Advanced Micro Electronics Co., Ltd. specializes in the development and manufacturing of Active Electronic Modules and Sensors.
Austin Semiconductor, Inc. (ASI)
Monolithic memories and memory modules for use in applications with high reliability requirements. DRAM, EEPROM, EPROM, flash, SRAM
Avance Logic
Audio chips, video processor chips
Averlogic Technologies, Inc.
Manufacturing and marketing highly integrated IC's to perform digital signal processing across multiple platforms.
IC's and software for broadband (xDSL) access networks. Co-development with Analog Devices.
Award Software Inc.
BIOS-ROM's, but no real chips.
Axis Communications
'ETRAX' chipsets, RISC microprocessors for datasheets.
audio chips