Last Modified: 18 August 2019

Manufacturers and distributors of Integrated Circuits begin with an B

Is focused on increasing the scalability, reliability, and time-to-market of networking, storage and server system manufacturer's products by providing flexible, interoperable, high performance semiconductors.
SC Baneasa SA
Was intended from the very first beginning as a supplier for all the electronic components needed by the electronic industry.
Barco Silex
FIFO chips, digital filter chips
Network processor chip
Benchmarq Microelectronics
(1989, part of TI now) battery charger, energy management unit, non-volatile controller, NOVRAM, processor management unit, real time clock.
(ATM) networking chips, fibre optics chips, RF, wireless transceiver chips
BitBlitz Communications
BBT2020 - The world's first 2.125 Gbps Fibre Channel Port Bypass Device.
3D video processors
BI Technologies
BI Technologies has been an innovator and leader in electronic components for 50 years.
Solid-state switches
Bluechip communication AS
Is a leading manufacturer of single-chip transceivers suited for LPR-applications.
Bluewater Systems
RISC processors (ARM, Intel)
Bright Microelectronics, Inc.
Designs, produces, and markets single low-voltage JEDEC standard flash memory products ranging from 1 Megabit to 16 Megabit densities.
Bookham Technology
Designs and manufactures integrated optical devices on silicon using its patented ASOC manufacturing technology.
Brilliance Semiconductor
Modem chips, networking chips

Manufacturers and distributors of Integrated Circuits begin with C

Costruzioni Apparecchiature Elettroniche Nucleari (CAEN) S.p.A.
ASIC design
California ASIC Inc.
California ASIC specializes in FPGA to gate array conversions as well as standard gate array developments.
California Eastern Labs
Opto-electronics, RF, transistors
California Micro Devices
EMI filters, termination chips, voltage dividers
Calogic LLC
Amplifier Buffer, 100MHz, High Power
Catalina Research Inc.
(CRI) is an advanced engineering company that is the performance leader in providing digital signal processing (DSP) solutions and data processing acceleration to defense, intelligence and commercial organizations.
Catalyst Semiconductor, Inc.
Designs, manufactures and markets programmable IC products.
Continental Device India Limited
Manufacturing a very wide range of discrete semiconductor components, transistors/zener diodes in standard leaded packages and surface mount SOT-23 package.
MMIC chips, RF amplifiers
Celeritous Technical Services
Recreates obsolete digital chips using gate array technology.
Centaur Technology
Centaur has succeeded by designing the world's smallest x86 processors, shipping six different parts, and consistently having the fastest design cycle in the industry.
Centillium Technology
Network chips
Champion Technologies
temperature compensators, voltage compensators, voltage controller oscillators
Che Fong Hong Electronics
Che Fong Hong is repute throughout the electronic industry as a serious supplier of high quality components. As a well-organised import / export company, we trade a full range of electronics components, including IC's, Transistors, Diodes, Audio parts, Led Displays, Crystals, Switches, DRAM, CPU, Power Mosfet, etc.
Chipcon AS
Is a leading fables semiconductor company that designs, produces and markets high performance, high quality and cost effective standard RF-ICs for use in a variety of wireless applications.
Chip Supply, Inc.
Semiconductor distributor and value-added processor of die and wafers for multi-chip modules, hybrids and other un-encapsulated applications.
Chip Express
Chip Express is a Silicon Valley-based Structured ASIC manufacturer. Chip Express use patented technology to provide significant cost and time advantages over other ASIC vendors.
Clock chips, video chips
Cicada Semiconductor
Leading supplier of DSP-based integrated circuit solutions to developers of high-speed communications systems used in: LAN (Local Area Networks), WAN (Wide Area Networks), SAN (Storage and Server Area Networks).
Cimaron Communications
Networking chips (packet over SONET)
L-3 Cincinnati Electronics
L-3 Cincinnati Electronics (L-3 CE) is an established pioneer in space exploration and military/defense technology. A leader in high technology and engineering services, L-3 CE is world renowned for its expertise in the areas of infrared detection and space & missile electronics
Cirrus Logic, Inc.
Controller circuits for: audio, data communication, graphics, LCD, mass storage, networking, RF, SCSI Disk, VGA, video
Citizen Electronics Co., Ltd
Citizen Electronics is a precision electronics manufacturer and a subsidiary of Citizen Holdings Co., Ltd. We have developed the high power LEDs that combine high luminous flux and high efficiency to achieve the highest standards for LED illumination in the world.
LED, opto-electronics
Clear Logic, Inc.
Is a fables manufacturer of Semiconductor Integrated Circuits. They have created the innovative new Liberator design technology.
Canadian Microelectronics Corporation
CMC Microsystems enables and supports the creation and application of micro- and nano-system knowledge by providing a national infrastructure for excellence in research and a path to commercialization of related devices, components and systems.
CMD Technology Inc.
The Semiconductor product strategy is to provide performance leading and feature-rich computer peripheral I/O solutions like IDE and USB chips.
C-Media Electronics, Inc.
Audio Host VX with digital audio S/PDIF In and Out for PC sound cards. Also clock generators for Pentium processors
Consumer Microcircuits (UK) Limited
CML Microcircuits is a world-leader in the design, development and supply of low-power analogue, digital and mixed-signal semiconductors for telecommunications systems globally
Cologne Chip AG
Cologne Chip is manufacturer of ISDN IC's
ComCore Semiconductor
Fast Ethernet networking chips
CommQuest Technologies
Cellular phone chips
Is a micro-electronics engineering company offering analogue, mixed-signal and digital IC design, layout, testing, manufacturing and consulting services, using CMOS, Bipolar and BiCMOS technologies and processes.
CompuLab Ltd.
CompuLab is a leading manufacturer of innovative energy efficient computers. CompuLab product portfolio ranges from board level products such as CoM and SBC to complete systems.
Conexant Systems, Inc.
Conexant is a leader in the development and manufacturing of system-level Semiconductor solutions that use mixed-signal processing technology to combine complex analogue and digital functions on smaller and smaller pieces of silicon.
Clock chips, SAW filters and voltage-controlled oscillators
Cosmo Electronics Corp.
Hall effect IC, photo MOS relay, photo coupler, proximity sensor, reed relay, solid-state relay
CPU Technology, Inc.
Makes 1750 compatible microprocessors and can solve DMSMS (Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Suppliers)
Solid-state relay
Crystal Semiconductor Corporation
Audio chip, CODEC, data converter, networking chip, telecom chip. Crystal Semiconductor Corporation have been taken over by Cirrus.
Centre Suisse d'Electronique et de Microtechnique
CSEM is a private applied research and development center specializing in micro- and nanotechnology, photovoltaics, system engineering, microelectronics and communications
Cybernetic Micro Systems
Controller chips
Cygnal Integrated Products, Inc.
Designs, manufactures, and markets field-programmable, mixed signal system-on-chip products and associated support tools.
Spread spectrum chip, security products
Cypress Semiconductor
Products: Clock chip, data communication, EPLD gate array, EPROM, FCT logic, FIFO, FPGA, frequency synthesizer, multi-chip module, networking chip, PC chipset, PLD, PROM, specialty memories, SRAM, timing generator, VMEbus