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About semiconductor

Any of a class of solids (as germanium or silicon) whose electrical conductivity is between that of a conductor and that of an insulator in being nearly as great as that of a metal at high temperatures and nearly absent at low temperatures (1838).

Semiconductors are found to be much like insulators in that as temperature increases so does the conductivity. In general semiconductors are found to have higher conductivity than insulators and lower conductivity than metals. The reason that the conductivity is greater in semiconductors is that the band gap is smaller than that found in insulators. It could even be said that insulators are really just semiconductors with poor conductivity.

About semiconductors

I work for a company as a Print Circuit Boards (PCB) designer. Searching for technical data I used Google and Altavista search engines. In the years that I work as a designer, I found a lot of sites and put it in my bookmarks. Only my bookmarks became too large for pull down menu. That is why I made a web site with links to different Semiconductor concerns.

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