Last Modified: 18 August 2019

Manufacturers and distributors of Integrated Circuits begin with S

S3 Video chips
Sac-Tec Labs, Inc.
specializes in microelectronic packaging, design and manufacturing of multi chip modules (MCM), hybrids and surface mount modules.
South African Micro-Electronic Systems
make chips for energy measurement, telephony, and telecommunications.
Samsung Electronics
SanDisk Corporation
make flash chipsets and flash cards etc.
Diode, Hybrid IC, Power Regulator, Power Transistor, Thyristor
Crystals, oscillators, VCXO's, TCXO's and TCVCXO's.
Seiko Instruments Inc.
Display drivers, memories, sensors, voltage detectors, voltage regulators
Semefab (Scotland) Limited
Semefab is the Semelab group's wafer fab, also supplying silicon to a range of independent clients.
Semicoa Semiconductors
Products: Photodiodes, opto chips, QPL transistors and commercial transistors formerly manufactured by General Semiconductors (1991) and Harris Semiconductor (1994).
Semiconductor Insights Inc.
Semitron Industries Ltd
have built up an extensive knowledge of requirements and specifications covering a wide range of markets including, telecom, automotive, computer and general electronics.
Semtech Corporation
Designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products that provide advanced power management, protection, communications and interface solutions.
Sensory, Inc.
Speech recognition technology and applications for consumer products.
Svenska Grindmatriser AB
Designs and manufactures analog and mixed signal ASIC's.
Silicon Graphics Inc.
Sharp Microelectronics Corp.
Chips, Data sheets
Shindengen Electric MFG., Co., Ltd.
Discrete/power semiconductors, Power supplies
Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.
IC leadframes, plastic and ceramic packages, IC assembly.
Silicon Laboratories
designs and develops proprietary, analog-intensive, mixed-signal Integrated circuits, or IC's, for the rapidly growing communications industry.
Silicon Logic
program ASIC's
Silicon Magic
make super-fast EDO and SGRAM memories.
Silicon Motion, Inc.
develops innovative silicon products that supply various markets and manufacturers with a continuous stream of portable low power chips that provide high quality, and scaleable solutions for Silicon Motion's wide range customer designs.
Silicon Wave, Inc.
RF-enabled systems-on-chips for digital communications products.
Silicon Recognition, Inc.
Simtek Corporation
manufactures nv SRAM's which combine the most desirable features of both volatile and nonvolatile memories.
Sipex Corporation
designs, manufactures and markets value added, high performance, analog Integrated Circuits using standard mixed signal and dielectrically isolated BiCMOS wafer process technologies.
SiRF Technology
Software and a chipset for GPS equipment.
Sirius Communications NV
is a company that designs and sells Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum ASIC's.
Silicon Integrated Systems Corporation
Makes PC chipsets.
SIS Microelectronics Inc.
Networking chips
Skyworks Solutions, Inc. is an innovator of high performance analog semiconductors. Leveraging core technologies, Skyworks supports automotive, broadband, wireless infrastructure, energy management, GPS, industrial, medical, military, wireless networking, smartphone and tablet applications.
Standard Microsystems Corp.
is a worldwide supplier of MOS/VLSI Integrated Circuits for the personal computer industry.
Sony Semiconductor Business Division
CCD Area Sensor, CCD Linear Sensor, Computer A/V, Discrete, IR Receiver IC's, LCD and Peripheral, Laser Diode, Memory, Serial Communication, TV and Audio, Wireless Communications
SPARC International, Inc.
is a RISC processor architecture developed by Sun.
Semiconductor Products and System Engineering
is a Netherlands based semiconductor house active in design and sales of CMOS VLSI's for consumer electronics video and audio applications.
SpatiaLight, Inc.
develops active matrix liquid crystal on silicon microdisplay devices, suitable for projection displays, home theater, head mount displays, etc.
Signal Processing Technologies
Data conversion and signal processing
Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.
designs, manufactures and sells a variety of single power supply EEPROM Flash memory manufactured with SST's proprietary Super-Flash EEPROM technology.
Spoerle an arrow company
has grown to be the largest distributor of electronic components in Germany and Central Europe.
ST Microelectronics
Analog IC, Datacom IC, Discrete Component, EPROM, FIFO, Flash EPROM, High Speed Static RAM, High power, Low Power Schottky, MCU, MOS Memory, MPU, Monolithic Switching Regulators CMOS Logic, Multimedia IC, RF Microwave, Serial and  Parallel EEPROM, Smart Card IC, Surface Mount IC, Telecom IC, Transputer, VGA Chip, Zero Power and Timekeeper
Sundance Technology, Inc.
develops and markets 10/100 and Gigabit Ethernet networking IC's and LED/VCSEL based fiber optic drivers and receivers.
Stream Machine
Supplier of semiconductor products and reference designs to consumer-electronic manufacturers for digital media consumer products.
Sun Microsystems Computer Corp
Sunplus Technology Company Limited
Chips for consumer products, including 6502-like microcontrollers.
Supertex Inc.
Analog Switch, High Voltage IC Driver, Inverters, MOS-FETS, NMOS/PMOS/DMOS FET, Power control semi's, Power supply control IC's
Sussex Semiconductor, Inc.
is a domestic manufacturer which provides our customers with unparalleled quality, production value and vast product options.
Symbios Logic, Inc.
Synergy Semiconductor
ECL Logic, Ultra-Fast ECL RAM
Synthesis Technology
SystemSoft Corp.
make BIOS's.