Last Modified: 18 August 2019

Manufacturers and distributors of Integrated Circuits begin with Q

Quantum Research Group Ltd.
makes capacitive sensor IC's for detecting touch, proximity and level.
QuickLogic's line is a family of very fast, but anti-fuse (i.e. OTP FPGA's, second sourced by Cypress.

Manufacturers and distributors of Integrated Circuits begin with R

Rabbit Semiconductor
make an MCU based on the HD64180 and Z180, but 3 times faster and with a lot of integrated IO.
RadiSys Corporation
designs and manufactures computers that Equipment Manufacturers embed into their products.
Rambus Inc.
develops and licenses scalable bandwidth, chip-to-chip interface technologies that enables semiconductor memory devices and ASICs to keep pace with faster generations of processors and controllers.
Ramtron International Corporation
Ferroelectric Nonvolatile SRAM, Super-Fast EDRAM
Raytheon Semiconductor Co.
RC Systems, Inc.
R&E International Inc.
RealTek Semiconductor Corporation
Owned by Micron
RF Micro Devices
product line includes power amplifiers, linear amplifiers, LNA/mixers, quadrature modulators/demodulators, upconverters, front ends, attenuators, switches and transceivers.
Rhombus Industries
Delay Line for Passive and Active Application, Pulse Transformer for LAN/WAN Data Communication
Ricoh Corporation
is a manufacturer of power management IC's, real time clocks, PCMCIA and CardBus controllers and various other ASSP's.
Rockwell spun off it's Rockwell Semiconductor Systems group in 1998, which is now known as Conexant.
Rocky Mountain Ram
specialize in government, university and retail distribution systems.
Rohm Co. Ltd.