Last Modified: 18 August 2019

Manufacturers and distributors of Integrated Circuits begin with M

M/A-COM Inc.
Macronix International Co.
Datacom IC, EPROM's, Flash, Graphics IC, Modem IC, PC Chip Set, Super VGA Chip Set, Telecom IC
Marvell Semiconductor, Inc.
is a leading designer, developer and supplier of mixed-signal and digital signal processing Integrated Circuit (IC's) for high-speed, high-density, digital data storage and broadband digital data networking markets.
Micro Analog Systems
Integrated Passive Technology is based on very stable and accurate passive elements like resistors, capacitors and inductors.
Matsushita Electronics Corporation (MEC)
Maxim Integrated Products
A/D and D/A Converters, Analog Switches Multiplexers, Battery Management Circuits, Counters and Timers, DC-DC Converters, Flash Programming IC's, LCD Display Drivers, LED Display Drivers, Linear Voltage Regulators, Op-Amps,  Precision OP-Amps, RS-232 Line Drivers/Receivers, RS-485 IC's, Supervisory Power Supply Circuits, Video Buffers, Voltage References
Maxwell Technologies
utilizes commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) IC chips in die form then protects these parts from the damaging effects of the natural radiation in space.
Custom specific designs as system integrator around analog/digital/mixed ASIC's, optoelectronic sensors, single-board computers, embedded PC's, software and firmware.
Multimedia Communication System Logic, Inc.
Development and supply Communication, Multimedia ASIC, Digital Audio processor. Digital Visual data processor, Voice(Speech) IC, CISC/RISC CPU processor, DSP processor.
develop companion chips for RISC micro's.
Melexis Microelectronics
Design, production, sales of IC's in Europe and USA IC's, Integrated Circuits, Automotive, Hall Sensor, Tag, ASIC
Makes HDSL (High bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line) chips.
Micro Hybrids, Inc.
Produces chips and markets them.
Micrel Semiconductor, Inc.
Make analog power Integrated Circuits, custom analog circuits and custom mixed-signal circuits. Provide wafer foundry and custom IC testing services.
Microchip Technology Inc.
Distributor of obsolete Microchip products: Rochester Electronics in Newburyport, Massachusets.
designs, develops and markets high performance analog and mixed signal Integrated Circuits for a broad range of applications within the communications, computer and industrial markets.
Micron Semiconductor Products, Inc.
Micronas Semiconductor Holding AG
develops, manufactures, and markets Integrated Circuits and sensors for applications in consumer electronics, multimedia, and automotive electronics.
Micro Networks Co.
MicroUnity, Inc.
licenses its BroadMXTM core and associated BroadLibTM development environment to provide a powerful and flexible platform for extremely performance intensive algorithms.
Worldwide leader in design, development, and manufacture of linear and mixed-signal Integrated Circuits (IC's).
Mikron Corporation
Bipolar (TTL, LSTTL, TTLS, ECL), CMOS and BiCMOS standard logic families, digital and stepping motor electronic watch chips, consumer electronics controllers and interfaces, TV, video and audio standard chips, A/D and D/A converters,  TO-220-package D-MOS-transistors, voltage regulators, microcontrollers, SRAM's, ROM's, PROM's, PLD's, CMOS, BiCMOS and ECL gate arrays, ASIC's, UHF gallium-arsenide digital and analog devices
MIPS Technologies Inc.
RISC-processors are made by IDT, LSI Logic, NEC, NXP and Toshiba.
Mitsubishi Electric Co. Ltd.
MMC Networks
Module Research Center
designs high-end processors architecture, embedded computers and application software for artificial neural networks.
MOSAID Technologies, Incorporated
designs memory chips for standard memory and application specific memory (ASM) requirements.
Mospec Semiconductor Corp.
Currently, the products we are offering include bipolar power transistors, schottky barrier rectifiers, ultra-fast rectifiers, fast recovery rectifiers, epitaxial silicon wafers, polished prime silicon wafers and reclaimed test wafers.
MoSys, Inc.
Manufacturer of memory IC's.
Motorola Inc.
Micro Power Systems
ADC, DAC, ADC Subsystem, DAC Subsystem, Data Acquisition IC, Low Voltage ADC, Low Voltage DAC
MSU Corp.
The Internet Access Internet Service Processor (ISP), a chip SlipStreamTM designed for use with Internet browsers running on set-top box applications Envoy
Flash Disk Pioneers
Music Semiconductors
designs, manufactures, and markets advanced semiconductor devices that accelerate crucial functions within network switching and routing systems.
Mosel Vitelic
ASSP Memory, DRAM, FIFO, Memory Modules, SRAM, VRAM
Malaysia Microelectronic Solutions Sdn. Bhd.
Offers design layout services, from floor-plan to completed and verified GDSII database.
DSP-based network cores
Myson Century, Inc.
Myson Century is a leader in flat panel display technologies, achieving the top supplier of on-screen displays (OSD) and micro-control units (MCU) worldwide. Leveraging its mix-mode design expertise, the company designs and manufactures to provide total solutions for displays, ranging from Smart Panels as an integration of the timing controller and scaler, RGB analog-to-digital converters (ADC), low voltage differential signaling (LVDS) and transmission minimized differential signaling (TMDS) transmitters and receivers, TFT source drivers, and TFT gate drivers.