Last Modified: 18 August 2019

Manufacturers and distributors of Integrated Circuits begin with F

Fairchild Semiconductor
Fast, FACT and LCX in logic, EPROM's and EEPROM's such as HiSeC and Plug & Play memory and SMT Power DMOS such as SuperSOT -3/-6/-8, PowerSOT and SO-8 in discrete.
Aqcuisition by Onsemi.
Fast Analog Solutions
Since about late 2001 or early 2002 part of Zetex.
Feiya Technology Corporation
Professional technical company of designing memory controllers and their applications.
FillFactory NV
Is a fabless supplier of custom-designed and OEM CMOS image sensors (IBIS and FUGA ranges) in APS technology (camera chips), with solutions for megapixel resolutions and ultra high speed imaging (e.g. 512x512 pixels x 1000Hz or more).
Provides ASIC products, including full System on Chip (SoC), Standard Cell, and Gate Array ASIC (digital, analog and mixed signal).
FOCAM Technologies Inc.
Microelectronics company specializing in analog, mixed-signal and digital integrated circuit design, analog and digital IP modules design and characterization and chip supply.
FOCUS Enhancements, Inc.
Manufacture superior video conversion technology including scan converters, scalers, and video encoders.
Future Technology Devices International, Ltd.
Main product line is USB peripheral and hub controller I.C.'s also custom I.C. design services.
Fuji Semiconductor
Power Devices (and many more)
Fujitsu Microelectronics Inc.
Fujitsu Semiconductor America, Inc. leads the industry in innovation. Specifically, Fujitsu provides high-quality, reliable semiconductor products and services for the wireless, automotive, consumer, industrial, communications, and other markets throughout North and South America.

Manufacturers and distributors of Integrated Circuits begin with G

Galileo Technology
Switched Ethernet Controllers, PCI System Controller, Remote Access Controllers
GHz Circuit Design Inc.
RF and Mixed signal design. Experience in Bipolar, CMOS, BiCMOS, and GaAs.
General Software, Inc.
Make BIOS's
Gennum Corporation
GHz Circuit Design, Inc
RF and Mixed Signal IC Design, RF and Mixed Signal IP Cores
GHz Technology, Inc.
Supplier of Silicon RF and Microwave Power Transistors for use in Applications Specific Products.
General Instrument
Power rectifiers and transient protection devices General Instrument Corporation is the world leader in analog and digital systems that provide video, audio and high-speed Internet/data services over cable and satellite TV networks.
G-Link Technology
Genesis Microchip Inc.
Galaxy Power, Inc.
Manufacturer of Intelligent Power Management software and hardware solutions, including the QuickSaver Intelligent Charging Solution (ICS17XX) family of battery charge control IC's, design/evaluation services, battery management and power management algorithms.
Green Power Semiconductors Spa
Manufacturer of power semiconductor devices (SCR's, diodes, IGBT's, FET's), high power assemblies (AC-switches, bridges), assembly components (bar and box clamps, flex bus bars), SCR and IGBT drivers. Test lab (thermo-electrical characterization of power devices and systems, short and long term reliability tests, EMI tests).
GSI Technology
GSI Technology designs, develops and markets a broad range of high performance memory products for networking, military, medical, automotive and other applications.