Last Modified: 18 August 2019

Manufacturers and distributors of Integrated Circuits begin with T

Tamarack Microelectronics, Inc.
designs, researches, and manufactures analog and digital mixed-signal IC's for the data communication communities.
TDK Electronic component division
BUS Interface, Ethernet/Fast Ethernet IC, ATM IC, Modem IC
The Engineering Consortium Inc.
specialized in mixed-signal IC design and production for hearing aids and other low-voltage applications.
Teccor Electronics Inc.
TechnoConcepts, Inc.
develops silicon, GaAs, and SiGe ASIC's and ASSP's for the communications and instrumentation industries.
specialized in ultra low power IC design for microphones, A/D converters and other low-voltage applications.
TelCom Semiconductor Inc.
merged with Microchip
Teltone Corporation
Analog Telephony and Telecom Signalling Devices
Redirect to Atmel
THAT Corporation
manufactures IC's for the pro audio industry.
Three-Five Systems, Inc.
specializes in designing, developing and manufacturing custom displays and display systems utilizing liquid crystal display (LCD) and light emitting diode (LED) components and technology.
Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions (TAOS)
is based in Plano, Texas. Established in 1998, the company mission is to develop, manufacture, and market leadership integrated optoelectronic products. Historically, applications requiring the sensing of light stimulus to execute a function have been implemented by either a photodiode or phototransistor none of which support the emerging needs for higher performance optical sensor-based applications.
Texas Instruments Inc.
Texas Memory Systems
Taiwan Memory Technology Inc.
Product lines include synchronous DRAM (SDRAM & SGRAM), wide bandwidth FPM and EDO DRAM, Asynchronous SRAM and pipelined burst SRAM.
Toko America, Inc.
is a world-wide manufacturer of Bipolar, CMOS Integrated Circuits and varactor diodes for the battery powered and wireless communications marketplace.
Designing GaAs digital and analog IC's. Developing GaAs microsensors and microsystems. Designing GaAs chips for Vitesse, Triquint, and Rockwell. Customers include DoD, NASA, NSF, etc. Chip design and GaAs microsensor systems.
Toshiba Corporation
BiCMOS Logic, CCD Sensor, CMOS Logic, DRAM, Datacom IC, Distributed Control Network, EPROM, Flash EEPROM, IGBT, LON Neuron Chip, Memory Modules and Card, Microcomputer and Peripheral IC, Microprocessor, OTP, Optoelectronic,  Power Semiconductor, RF Semiconductor, SRAM, Small Signal Semiconductor, Telecom IC, Visible Laser Diode
Toshiba USA
Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd.
Step down DC-DC Converter controller IC's
TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc
Development Tool, GaAS Data Communication IC, Optical Component, Products Wireless Communication IC, System Timing
TranSwitch Corporation
Transys Electronics Limited
Trident Mainly a VGA-card maker
TriQuint Semiconductor
Leading in GaAs technology
Tritheim Technologies, Inc.
designs and implements the SmartPort line of smart card reader/writer IC solutions to serve the OEM marketplace for set top, PC, satellite, keyboard, POS and PC peripheral products.
Triscend Corporation
TRW Electronic Components Group
T.sqware Inc.
Tundra Semiconductor Corporation
CMOS Microprocessor, Communication, Encription & Crypto Graphic Product, PCI Bridge chip, Peripheral, Single chip Future BUS Interface, Single chip VME Interface
designs, markets, and sells high performance, streaming media gateway processors for the Internet appliance, broadband set-top box, and digital television markets.
Twente MicroProducts
creates value for its customers by providing microsystems solutions which uniquely satisfy their design problems and production needs.