Last Modified: 18 August 2019

Manufacturers and assemble of Print Circuit Boards begin with C

CDS electronics
CDS electronics bv is a supplier of micro electronic products. The company specializes in the engineering and production of so-called embedded systems, custom engineered and built micro electronic systems that are built into instruments, machines, appliances and processes to control them or take measurements from them.
CEBEK Electronics Circuits
make electronics modules, electronics kits, pre-assembled modules, modules for others, specials pcb´s.
Chess supplied services, products and solution for electronics products and embedded software (need MacroMedia Flash to view the site).
Chip Quik, Inc.
The original manufacturer and developer of Chip Quik SMD removal kit.
Circuit Board Solutions
represent five different Circuit Boards companies, all with their own specialty. SS, DS and up to 32 layers. Mil. spec. and all are UL app.
Circuit Technology Inc.
Rapid response design and prototyping, just-in-time manufacturing and delivery, and volume product assembly including packaging and global distribution.
Cirland Co.
Manufactures and exports various types of PCB's meeting all kinds of demands from foreign and domestic customers.
Circuit Boards Division
ECD manufactures economical Circuit Boards.
Computronic is a hightech company that developed hard- and software for a large number of application area's.
CustomWare develops electronic systems and software for a wide range of applications.

Manufacturers and assemble of Print Circuit Boards begin with D

Dataquib is a development company
Dethon guides people who are in special need or trail behind on the labour market towards a job that fits with their capacities and schooling.