Last Modified: 18 August 2019

Manufacturers and distributors of Embedded Tools begin with M

McCabe & Associates
Develops tools for software testing, metrics and reverse engineering.
MCT Paul & Scherer Mikrocomputertechnik GmbH
Single Board Computer, C-Compiler, Tools for Programming (Flash, HC11, PIC) and more.
MetaWare Incorporated
Are a leading developer of sophisticated, industrial strength compilers and development tools.
Metric Equipment Sales
Dealers in quality used electronic test and measurement equipment and instruments like oscilloscopes, voltmeters and spectrum analysers and by manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard, Tektronix, Fluke, etc.
Microtek International, Inc.
Development Systems for In-Circuit, emulators and BDM debuggers.
Mosaic Industries Inc.
Is a manufacturer of embedded controllers and graphical user interfaces for numerous applications such as industrial control, automation of industrial processes, product development and/or product upgrades, data acquisition, and scientific instruments.

Manufacturers and distributors of embedded tools begins with N

New Micros, Inc.
Sales for a large variety of peripheral boards too.
Nohau Elektronik AB
EMUL-PC in-circuit emulators for 8051, 80c251, 51XA, 80c196, 80c296, 68HC11, 68HC16 and 683xx (CPU32)- families. Also distribute a full range of 3d party products, including design-tools for fuzzy logic and state/event, compilers, debuggers, CAN/LON/USB-tools, PROM/PLD programmers. DOS/Windows PC-based ICE with full support for all 8051 derivatives.

Manufacturers and distributors of Embedded Tools begin with P

Parallax, Inc.
Makers of PIC development tools and the BASIC Stamp series of single board computers.
Parameter Generation & Control, Inc.
Humidity control chambers, environmental chambers, temperature humidity chambers, stability rooms, humidity control systems by Parameter Generation & Control, Inc. Precise humidity control systems are our specialty.
Electronic Design
Phoenix Designs has been providing dedicated service to our client base for over 12 years. Our unique strength is derived from dedicated employees. Our team members come from such diverse backgrounds as Xerox, Bausch & Lomb, Scientific Atlanta, Schlumberger, Electromagnetic Sciences, Ohmeda, and United Controls. This vast experience enables us to successfully undertake projects from consumer electronics to medical equipment, and electronic test equipment.
P&E Microcomputer Systems
Hardware and software development tools for Motorola micro-controllers. PE provides professional, low-cost development tools and prompt, knowledgeable customer support.
Pemstar Inc.
Specializes in engineering, manufacturing and fulfillment services … offering concept to customer solutions. From the very genesis of the idea – even a quick sketch on the back of a napkin – until your product is in the hands of a satisfied customer, we support you with complete product realization solutions.
Phytec America
Manufacture and market 8/16/32 bit controllers based on Siemens, Dallas, Oki, Intel and Motorola, ST controllers.