Last Modified: 18 August 2019

Manufacturers and assemble of Print Circuit Boards begin with P

Van Der Pasch Electronica
Is specialized in designing and manufacturing of electronic parts.
Penbro Kelnick (Pty.) Ltd.
Produce PCB's for others
PLTC Layout Techniek ciere BV
PLTc offers a very complete range of services in printed-circuit-boards for professional electronics.
Protoprint BV
specialized in one-off's, small batches and short delivery times, without concessions to the high technical demands of the customer.

Manufacturers and assemble of Print Circuit Boards begin with Q

Q-print B.V.
A Dutch manufacturer of Print Circuit Boards. They can make from a single layer to a 8 multilayers boards. Produce from small to large quantity's. Supplies to Siemens, NXP, T.N.O. and A.B.B.

Manufacturers and assemble of Print Circuit Boards begin with R

REMOPA electronics BV
does customer design of electronics schematics and PCB's for about 11 years. They can assembly a Print circuit board.
Roto Electronics B.V.
Specialises in the development and manufacture of small series of advanced electronic control equipment, ranging from single items to several thousand on an annual basis. The climate-controlled and ESD-secure manufacturingdepartment is equipped with state-of-the-art technicalfacilities, and is fully fitted to satisfy high, customer-specific requirements. Motivation, flexibility and our customer-orientated approach are just right for our qualified workforce.Our experienced, creative, product-development staff are always ready to optimise the manufacturing process. As a result, Roto Systems is fully IPC-qualified.
Robert Wheatley Consulting Services LLC
Designs and make proto's of PCB's.

Manufacturers and assemble of Print Circuit Boards begin with S

Solid Semecs
Semecs is a 'one-stop' provider in electronics and mechatronics - from product concept to production, and from production to after-sales service. We give close attention to detail in our overall project management, to ensure that your project runs smoothly and efficiently throughout the service chain - from co-design and co-engineering, development, industrial engineering, prototyping, procurement, manufacturing, and testing to distribution and after-sales service.
Serenity systems Design
gives technical support by the developing and innovate of products.